Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My First Date with Toastmasters

                                        My First Date with the Toastmasters Club in Bradford

                   It was August 2011.  On my fridge was a recent advertisement from Toastmasters inviting me to spend an evening with them.  This was like a blind date; I would not know anyone there.   I was curious, a little anxious and wondered if I would enjoy the evening's events.  I parked my car and wandered into the establishment.  I was greeted by friendly people.  The evening proceeded with jokes, quotes, and creative speeches.  I was invited back for more dates.  This was great! I was energized and inspired.  Toastmasters and I have been on many dates; over a year now and going strong.  Thanks for the fun, and opportunities Toastmasters. I am looking forward to a rewarding future with all of you.  

Christine Legree
December 2012.