Meet our Members

Marsha Field - ACG, AL

Marsha is a founding member of Speak for Success. She  has completed the TM program once and is working towards stretching herself this year for further growth.

Marsha believes the TM program is a well-balanced program that teaches us all many skills that help us serve others at TM and in our lives. Listening is an area of all our lives that gets forgotten and communication will fail without it. TM gives us the tools that will benefit our speakers and help our evaluators give positive feedback that will promote growth.

Joe Van Dyk - CC

Joe has been a member of Speak for Success for 3 years years now. During his time at the club Joe has represented  our club in two speech contests at the area level. He has completed his Competent Communicator Award and achieved his career goal of being awarded the position of Product Consultant at the LCBO. 

Joe wanted to be a Product Consultant. He felted he needed to prepare his skill set for the application. That is why he joined Toastmasters, and this is where Joe's journey began. When the time came for his interview he was required to do a presentation. His presentation was impeccable and the application decision makers were very impressed. Joe feels he owes it all to the experience he has gained at Toastmasters. Knowing that the skills he acquired to date through Toastmasters have been instrumental in achieving his goals Joe declares himself  " A lifer in this program". Joe has served our club in the roles of President and Immediate Past President.

Vicki Gunn, DTM

Since the 2004 federal election, Vicki Gunn has served as the York Simcoe candidate for the federal political party, The Christian Heritage Party of Canada (CHP Canada). She has served York Simcoe in the 2004, 2006, 2008, and 2011 federal elections.

Vicki has been a member York Simcoe Toastmasters since the winter of 2004. She joined because of the need to keep up her speaking skills, with a minority government ensuring another federal election was on the horizon. 

Vicki earned her Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) in March 2010. Vicki describes the Toastmaster program as “invaluable for developing both communication and leadership skills.”
Since 2008, she has served as Executive Director of CHP Canada. Vicki says, “The skills learned at Toastmasters have assisted me through providing the practical experience and direction to assist others in building and maintaining associations. I speak regularly in public and have been advised by people, who are unaware of my Toastmasters experience, that they are not surprised to hear that I’m a DTM. Even though I’m not aware of the full impact of Toastmasters when speaking.... others can see it.”

Vicki believes that the Advanced Programs are a true asset when you’re working on an executive. She says, “The Discussion Leader was an advanced program that I hadn’t anticipated using again... then I was unexpectedly required to prepare a ‘strategy session’ for the national executive. With one week’s notice, I was able to prepare and conduct a very successful 7 hour workshop program.  That kind of help you can’t put a price tag on.”

Vicki continues to work through the Toastmasters program. She has earned a second Competent Leader and a second Competent Communicator. She is currently working toward her second Advanced Toastmasters Bronze.
 John Lusink

John is a"serial entrepreneur".  His main focus in the next 6 months or more is to develop my Business Coaching practice.  John is also the Broker Of Record/Managing Partner for Royal LePage York North in Newmarket, ON.

John lives in Newmarket with wife, four kids (2 boys, 2 girls) + dog.

John joined Toastmasters to improve his public speaking skills with an emphasis on developing skills for doing workshops/seminars.

John is a Certified Business Coach. He is the proud owner of FocalPoint Coaching. For more information on John's business coaching services visit his website