About Us

We meet on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Tuesday of every month.

Meeting Location:
Bradford West Gwillimbury Leisure Centre
471 West Park Avenue, Bradford, ON
L3Z 0B9

Meetings start at 7:00 P.M. SHARP, and normally end by 9:00 P.M.. Guests are always welcome to come and experience, at no cost or obligation, the energy and benefits of our club meetings.
You don't have to speak at all unless you want to.
A member will greet you and introduce you.
We welcome your comments at the end of the meeting.

Please feel free to attend several meetings as our guest to decide if you would like to join us.

Here is a sneak peek inside a Toastmasters meeting


What Happens at Our Meetings

Here is what to expect from one of our meetings! Each meeting follows an agenda with participants taking on varied roles. This allows the individuals to increase their confidence while growing at their own pace. All roles are assigned at the prior meeting.

Our meetings begin promptly at 7:00 pm. You will often find people here 10 to 15 minutes ahead of time to socialize. The evening will begin with a Call to Order. The Chairperson assigned at the last meeting will fill this role for the evening.

The Chairperson will also give an Overview of the Meeting. Everyone will be welcomed and reminded of the objectives of Speak for Success. Any last minute additions to the agenda will be discussed at this time. An additional role of the Chairperson is the introduction of every individual as they fill their role throughout the evening.

After the Overview of the Meeting, the Chair will call upon the appropriate individual to give the Word of the Day. During the meeting, recognition will be given to those who have used the Word in the right context.

Following the Word of the Day is the Joke of the Day. The Joke of the Day is used to infuse humour into the evening through a joke or funny anecdote. Appropriate use of humour is one of the most difficult aspects of effective communication and this exercise is ideal to improve that skill.

The Joke is generally followed by the Quote of the Day. The Quote is selected to inspire and encourage those in attendance.

The next segment of the evening is our speech. The speaker chooses any topic that implements one aspect of successful public speaking (such as body language or humour) and is prepared according to the Toastmaster manual. The speaker is evaluated while giving his/her presentation.

After the speech, the group participates at will in Table Topics. Table Topics varies depending on who has been chosen to oversee this portion of the evening. It is a chance for participants to strengthen and develop their impromptu speaking skills. Random "Topics" are pulled from a hat and the participants are encouraged to discuss their topic for one minute with only one-minute preparation time. This portion of the evening is not mandatory, but is a great occasion to develop the ability to think on your feet in a supportive environment. It also allows everyone a speaking opportunity during the meeting.

Once Table Topics has commenced, whoever has been elected to evaluate the speech presented earlier in the evening will be called upon to make their presentation. The evaluation will focus on not only areas of improvement, but also the good points of the speaker's presentation.

After the speech has been evaluated, the General Evaluator will report on the meeting as a whole.

The Grammarian's Report follows the General Evaluator. The Grammarian will comment on the use of language and grammar during the meeting and will offer constructive criticism as well as suggestions for improvement.

Business Discussion commences the meeting and includes role sign-up for the next meeting and issues that need to be discussed concerning the activities, growth and operation of the club. The meeting is then officially brought to a close and individuals are once again at liberty to socialize.

We hope you will join us for a meeting and learn firsthand how Toastmasters can improve your life personally and professionally! It is a fun and educational experience that you will not want to miss!
Still need more information? Please feel free to contact us.