Friday, August 5, 2011

Ready, Set, Vegas!

Susan Lamb-Robinson entertaining a Speak for Success audience (Photo by Nick  Bicanic)

At the invitation of our Immediate Past President, Annette Lavigne I attended one of my first out of town Toastmaster's meetings last night.

We made the long trek (with Annette driving) to Mississauga to hear one of District 86's most dynamic speakers. Being new to Toastmasters I had never before heard Susan Lamb-Robinson, but boy did I want to! In the Toastmaster world she has earned herself a reputation as a gifted and talented speaker.

Last night's time was well spent!

Susan awed and inspired the audience with two amazing speeches. She stood and delivered her message with poise and confidence.

Susan says  “In my speeches, 60 per cent is aimed at making the audience laugh and 40 per cent is the inspirational message. Touch their hearts and tickle their funny bones, that's the secret."

If that was what she was aiming for, she accomplished her goal last evening.

Both speeches took the audience on a roller coaster  ride of emotion. She made us laugh, she made us cry, she gave us hope and inspired us.

There was a full house last night, filled  mainly with Susan supporters. Susan made each and every one of us feel important. She spoke to all of us and yet all of us left with the feeling that she was speaking directly to 'me'. 

Leaving the audience with that kind of feeling takes talent!
I know now why she is District 86's  'Chosen One'.

In a few short weeks Susan will be leaving on a jet plane headed straight for Vegas. There she will represent our District in the Semi-Finals for the chance to compete for the title of World Champion of Public Speaking.

I have no doubt that Susan will make us proud.

Christine Nayler, C.C..
VP of Public Relations
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