Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our Halloween Meeting

"Witches and Goblins? Not!" Characters from the past? Yes!

It was a fun night. Abraham Lincoln was our Chairperson and he, I mean she,
I mean Abraham did a mighty fine job. (Marsha) although her beard was the
tell tale sign of who was really under the hat.

Benjamin Franklin was our resident Tim Norton and I will say I was a little jealous
of the hair, it gave Tim a distinguished look.

I, of course came as my alter ego "Annie Oakley" carrying my gun and all (not a far
stretch really.)

It was an amusing night for sure...Jennifer entertained (as usual) with her Mary Tyler
look and theatrical performance. She was hilarious!

Christina, I mean Jacques Cousteau also made us laugh with whimsical story about
the infamous Jacques. She actually had a diver suit on!

John Lennon (Bob Cameron) almost fooled us into thinking he really was John, however
it came out during the meeting that he was our timer after all.

Our guests and new members chirped in to contribute to the meeting. The growth we
are having is incredible in our new location. I just knew this would happen.

Maggie Cohen gave a really fun and informative grammarians report and is an enthusiastic
new member. Thanks Maggie!

Our resident Doug Armstrong, who is always working so hard, just relaxed tonight. It was
good to see Doug just plain old enjoy himself!

John, read The Comfort Zone. It was deep and insightful. Thanks John, and your Private
Detective coat and hat made you look sophisticated.

Nice to Rick Nesbitt again, I hear he's bacccckkkkkkk.....He's a good bird!

Rob entertained us with his choice of table topics. I must say I thought I did well as a headless
women, wouldn't you agree? Story of my life always losing my head. lol

The night was mildly ghoulish, but more fun. I thought that everyone (including our new members)
participated which made it an even better meeting. Thanks for a great night to all!

Annette The Shy Buster!

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