Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Start with a goal

They say when you want to achieve a goal start with the end in mind. As a new member of Toastmasters it can seem overwhelming trying to come up with speech topics and getting through 10 speeches can seem daunting to complete your Competent Communicator Level 1. On the flip side it must be very challenging to keep topics fresh after a period of time with Toastmasters. I had to ask myself what would I hope to accomplish after 5 years and how do I use Toastmasters as an effective  tool for continuous improvement over time rather than a “one and done” program.
The moment I knew the Bradford Toastmasters club was for me was hearing from the long standing members who are so passionate and excited about Toastmasters and what they take away from each session. It is quite amazing to see so many people enthusiastic to help each other achieve goals and overcome obstacles.
As a recent member I would love to get more insight from our tenured members on some of the following topics:

1.How to give a speech effectively (all of the thoughts and behaviors that go along with it.)

2.How to achieve goals through Toastmasters – a speech on case studies from local clubs

3.Murphy’s Law for speaking or leading

4.Common phrases from around the world

5.Craziest public speaking memory

6.Making mistakes and why you need to make mistakes to be successful

7.Common myths of speaking or leading

With a New Year here already it is important to ask yourself: What are my goals? Are they Smart goals? How can I use this tool in my life to help achieve my long term goals? Where do I want to be in 5 years ? Am I beginning with the end in mind?

Maggie Dempsey

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