Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A healthy change can create fulfillment in your life.

No resolutions for me, I believe in action. For those of you who lack will, take baby
steps. You know the saying one step at a time, this is a reasonable action solution.
Letʼs take an example, exercise. For some exercise is painful. Find the exercise you like
whether it is going for a walk in the woods, or doing a physical activity like racquet
sports or perhaps you are a quieter person who would appreciate yoga or stretching, it
really doesnʼt matter, find what it is that gives you pleasure and makes you feel good.
For me I need cardio activity everyday in order for me to thrive, so I do a physical
workout in the am but I also love the outdoors. Having a dog makes this happen for me
everyday and I appreciate the fresh air and nature and cherish those time. I just do it.

No resolution required!

 Start off slow...donʼt try to be an Olympian overnight, disappointment will surely happen
without even trying. Give yourself a reasonable action, try once a week. After
28 weeks (this is the time prescribed to create a habit) move your routine to twice a
week, give this 28 weeks and if you are truly ambitious add another day. You will know
what you are able to do, by how you feel. And the routine will be there before you know
it. The more you do it the easier it gets. Try to pick a time and date and stick to it. It will
make your routine easier to follow. If I put this in the context of a speech, I would take
action once a month to create a speech and practice it. This is how I was able to follow
through on my goals.

Be encouraging to yourself. This one we always forget...you are only going to do
something if you believe you can. So everyday when you look at what it is you would
like to achieve, tell yourself you can do it. When you have completed or got a routine
going celebrate by rewarding or giving yourself something that will make you feel good.
It can be simple or extravagant as you like, just set the celebration and make sure you
follow through. Perhaps use the 29th week for the celebration. Oh and donʼt be hard on
yourself if you have to change or miss a day, life happens and you can assure yourself
that you will resume the schedule after this circumstance.

Anything that is new takes time to work into your life. For those of you who have a very
full plate remember to add something else you need to remove something less
important. Sometimes it is that very full plate that makes your life take a back seat.
Again, only you will know what you can do. I remember the time when I was juggling a
new business, 2 infants, my aging parents and troubled brother, the daily cleaning,
cooking and all the other things momʼs do and exercise just wasnʼt in the picture, but I
always got my speech ready (that was the one thing I did for myself). Once my children
were independent enough I started to take a front seat to my action. Your time will come

I guess you need to evaluate your life and move ahead the pieces that will help you be
more fulfilled and happy. I was once told “A happy wife is a happy life?” for you men
food for thought. I believe men and women need to do something that will create a
challenge in their life, because learning is growing and changing routines can be as
refreshing as a holiday, which make us more productive, but most of all fulfilled.

Marsha Field

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