Monday, February 11, 2013

Why I Joined....

The blog torch was passed to me to discuss a notable Toastmasters event I have experienced.

 What came to mind was the interesting combination of similarities and differences I have seen between Toastmasters clubs.  I joined Toastmasters at a corporate club. I participated in several meetings, however, my job role and location changed making it difficult to attend that location. That’s when I joined Speak for Success in Bradford, close to home.

I found both clubs were very supportive.  The meeting agendas and roles are also fairly similar.  The Corporate club meets for one hour each week, so the agenda and number of roles were paired down a little. 

I found the size of the corporate club to be one of the notable differences. It was literally a competition to sign up for roles and speeches at the corporate club.  At Speak for Success, I have found the smaller club provides members more communication and leadership opportunities.

Another difference I noticed, is that members of the local club are more invested in the club. This may be due of the smaller club size and more opportunities, but I think this is also because there is a greater sense of community associated with a club close to home.

All told, I’m happy how fate helped to change my Toastmasters experience, in my mind, for the better.

Bob Cameron
Vice President - Public Relations

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