Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting to know... Our President

Tim Norton, CC, Speak for Success President

Name: Tim Norton

Reporting Architect and a Lapsed Actor.

How long have you been a Toastmaster?
2 years

What club/s do you currently belong to?
Speak For Success #3498

What if any past/present positions do you hold there? –
VP of Education (2010-2011), and am currently President for the 2011-2012 year.

Have you ever served Toastmastesr beyond club level? In what positions?
  Not as of yet.

Which of these positions did you most enjoy?
Once I really got into the groove of being VP of Education I thoroughly enjoyed it.  My term as President has just started...but I’m certain that being surrounded by such great people will make the role as fun and rewarding as my previous role.

Which did you find most challenging?
As with any role that involves contact with multiple people it’s always the lack of responses you get to e-mails, etc;  The more interactive your members are, the easier your role typically is. I’m sure that’s something all clubs deal with, and I hope to brainstorm methods with my fantastic executive to make this work better.

Why did you join Toastmasters? 
I love the idea of Public Speaking.  As a trained actor and improviser I’m used to being in front of an audience, but the “muscle” of consistently being able to be entertaining, informative and inspirational as a solo speaker was something I really wanted to work on.

What do you most enjoy about being a Toastmaster? 
The supportive nature of all the people I share my time with at both my club and when I get the chance to visit other clubs.

Describe what goes on during a typical meeting at your club?
We really try to build a structure where everybody gets a chance to speak, whether through structured speeches, impromptu speaking (table topics) or as a set role in the meeting.  We have a lot of fun, laugh a lot and are very supportive through regular evaluations and general chats during the breaks.

What is your favourite part of a Toastmasters meeting?
Table Topics.  I love the thrill of spontaneously coming up with fresh material to talk about.

How has what you have learned at Toastmasters helped you in your personal and/or professional life? 
I feel that I’m more confident in meeting settings, and have even improved tremendously in “small-talk”, which is one area I was never all that good at.

Share a memorable Toastmaster moment.
When I took 1st place at the Area Table Topics competition I was completely shocked and pleased.  Everybody else was so great and I was flattered they considered my speech the winner.

What Toastmaster designations to you hold?   
I am currently a Competent Communicator, and expect to have my Competent Leader within the next month.

Have you ever participated in a speech contest?
I have competed twice in the International Speech competition, and once in the Humourous Speech/Table Topics contest.

At what level?
I reached the Division M finals for Table Topics in the 2010-2011 year.

What Toastmaster awards/contest have you won?
I placed 1st in Table Topics at the Area levels, and 2nd at the Division M finals.

What current goals are your working towards?
I am currently working on my Competent Leader level and have begun to work on my Advanced Communicator Bronze.

What Toastmaster accomplishment are you most proud of? 
Seeing peoples’ eyes light up when I’ve delivered a speech that I’ve put a lot of passion into.

What personal one?
The writing and thought process I’ve put into speech brings something new to light about myself that I may not have thought about before.  This self-evaluation has truly made me a better person.

What would you like to say to someone thinking about joining Toastmasters?
Just show up.  No commitment, no pressure.  I guarantee you will find something that inspires you, and we hope to be inspired by you.

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