Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sundown - A recap of last night's meeting

 For those of you not there last night, you missed a great meeting! All in attendance had lots of fun in the sun!

This was our first meeting of the new Toastmaster year so it was only fitting that our Chairperson for the evening was our new President, Tim.

Tim started the meeting off right with a heartfelt message that reminded up all to count our blessings and look for the positive in every situation. Then he lightened things up with a joke that had us all laughing out loud. 

Now on to Table Topics, which was led by our new VP of Public Relations, Christine. We all had our hands in the air trying to keep the (beach) ball from dropping. Everyone enjoyed sharing memories of summer days gone by and plans for the summers of their future.

Christine sat down just long enough to catch her breath then she was up again front and centre entertaining us with tales of Beaches near and far.

Next on the agenda was an impromptu Coaches Corner. Rob and Bob volunteered to put themselves out there and seek some help for their 'speech block'. Thanks to wisdom and creativity of coaches Marsha, Tim and Cassandra they both left the stage with speeches well on their way to completion. We look forward to hearing these in the near future.

Seems all were on the same positive wavelength last night. Doug our Quotemaster for the evening shared a lesson in the power of positive thinking.

Christine who visited our club last month and had such a great time, decided to come back for another visit. By the end of the evening she had decided to join the club. Welcome to Toastmasters Christine!

It was such a fun and inspiring meeting that members had their hands lined up at the end of it eagerly volunteering to fill roles for the upcoming meetings and sign up for speeches.

All in all it was a great meeting, and we wish you had of been there.

What's next? 

A sneak peek inside our next meeting:

Date: July 26th

Theme: A midsummer night's dream

Phyrne Parker current District 60 Governor will grace us with her presence. She will be talking to us about 'Getting out of Toastmasters'

Our own Gary Alexander returns armed with a new and exciting speech for our listening pleasure.

And our President Tim will entertain us with his wonderful storytelling skills.

Plus much, much more!

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