Thursday, July 21, 2011

Talking to Toastmasters - Stephen Dow

Stephen Dow, ACS, CL
1.   Name: Stephen Dow

2.  Occupation: Software sales and support

3.  Why/when did you join Toastmasters? 10+ years ago

4.  What do you most enjoy about being a Toastmaster? Meeting and working with other people.

5.  How has what you have learned at Toastmasters helped you in your personal and/or professional life?   The to interact and listen better, helping me be successful.

6. Share a memorable Toastmaster moment.  All of the District 86 conferences!!  Highly recommended to all new or seasoned Toastmasters.

7.  What Toastmaster designation/s do you hold?  ACS, CL

8.  What positions have you held in Toastmasters?  Club president (Court of Blarney) twice and Area 14 Governor.

9.  What Toastmaster accomplishment are you most proud of?  Area 14 Governor.

10.   What would you like to say to someone thinking about joining Toastmasters?  A great way to build self confidence to deal with any situation - personal or business.

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